The ONLY 3 Methods You Need To Use To Collect More Reviews For Your Cleaning Business


As a cleaning business owner who wants to grow your business, you need to collect reviews.

Customer reviews are powerful. They can be more influential than your website.

Reviews are also the top local SEO ranking factor.

I’ve analyzed the digital profile of 100+ cleaning businesses.

27% DON’T COLLECT ANY REVIEWS! These businesses will struggle to win customers and grow.

Out of those that did collect reviews, there were a handful of outliers who had more than 50 reviews.

These were the exception, not the rule.

The majority of cleaning businesses I looked at struggled with two things:

  1. Not enough positive reviews: A lot of cleaning businesses have reviews, they just don’t have enough on any platform to attract new customers.
  2. Imbalanced reviews: Most businesses have lots of reviews on Yelp or Facebook and only a handful of reviews on Google. This means that as far as customers searching on Google are concerned, they are invisible.

The surprising thing I found was that only a handful had negative reviews, mostly around customer service and quality of results.

While negative reviews provide feedback on where and how to improve your cleaning service, they also drive up marketing costs and make it difficult and expensive to attract new customers.

What people say about your cleaning business carries more weight than what you say about your cleaning business.

As a service-based business, getting online reviews should be your bread and butter for lead generation.

Here’s why:

  • 82% of consumers consult online reviews for local small businesses.
  • Reviews are 2x more likely to be an important factor in choosing a local small business over loyalty, and 7x more important than traditional marketing.
  • 87% of people say that quality of service is the most important detail when looking at online reviews for service-based businesses. 78% also say cost is equally as important.
  • Improving your review star rating by 1.5 could equal 13,000 more leads.
Collect More Reviews For Your Cleaning Business

So how can you start collecting more reviews for your cleaning business?

The most popular methods include:

  1. In-person
  2. Over the phone
  3. In a text message
  4. Via Email
  5. Through social media
  6. Via Leave Behinds
  7. On an invoice

Choosing more than one method of asking for reviews will ensure you have a steady stream of feedback coming in about your cleaning business.

The three methods that worked well in my cleaning business were email, on an invoice, and via leave-behinds.


Email is still the most popular method of collecting reviews for cleaning businesses.

You can send an email blast to your customer list, send personal emails or send emails based on how you’ve segmented your database according to different types of clients for example (commercial, tenancy, and domestic).

You can try using these three templates:

Collect More Reviews For Your Cleaning Business
Collect More Reviews For Your Cleaning Business
Collect More Reviews For Your Cleaning Business


Asking for a review on a digital invoice is pretty straightforward. You just need to include a line at the bottom of the invoice which prompts people to leave a review and include your [Google/Facebook/Yelp/Trustpilot] link.

It can be as simple as:

We’d love it if you’d leave us a review on [Google/Facebook/Yelp/Trustpilot]. Click here.”

This takes almost zero effort on your part because once it’s set up, you’re good to go.


We used to leave cleaning certificates at every property where we completed an end-of-tenancy clean.

We also left thank you cards on the desks of the decision makers for our office cleaning clients.

On the certificates and cards, we had a QR code linked directly to our Google reviews page.

In both instances, we had some simple wording like:

“How did we do? Let us know by leaving a review at [scan QR code]!”

“Got feedback? We’d love to hear it! You can leave us a review at [scan QR code].”

Take control of the online reputation of your cleaning business by collecting reviews.

It’s a way for you to differentiate your business from the competition, raise your visibility in Google search results and generate more leads to grow your business.

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