About Matt Harris

Bio - Short Version:

I’m a qualified solicitor with 5 years of post-qualification experience.

I started my first business, a commercial cleaning company, as a side hustle.

After quitting law, I launched a second and bought my first, cleaning business. I consolidated all three businesses into one and raised finance to scale up.

Things didn’t go as planned and after growing the business for 8 years, I sold it.

Over the next 24 months, I built a 60+ room property management business, hosted a podcast, co-hosted a monthly networking event, and mentored 25 mastermind clients. Unfortunately, that business didn’t survive the lockdowns.

Now I’m building a sales and business development consultancy for cleaning and home service businesses.

I  also coach cleaning and home service business entrepreneurs on productivity and business performance, as well as build an online community with my Youtube channel, podcast, and newsletter.

Bio - Long-Winded Version


I spent 10 years qualifying as a solicitor, working both in-house and in private practice. I specialized in commercial property finance, tax planning, and portfolio management.

After gaining 5 years of post-qualification experience, it was time for a new challenge.  I retired from law in 2013 to focus on growing the cleaning business I started while working full-time.


After some early success with my commercial cleaning business, I launched a construction cleaning business in 2015 and bought my first business, a tenancy cleaning company, in 2016.

In 2017 I rolled up all three cleaning businesses into one company and raised finance to continue scaling up to seven figures in annual revenue.

Despite winning some high-value contracts, developing our service offering, and working with more suppliers, things didn’t go as planned.

After spending 8 years growing the cleaning business, I decided to sell it in 2020.


I started my first joint venture in 2016, a property investment business buying buy-to-let flats.

In 2018, I launched a property management business, focusing on HMOs and co-living. The business grew to 60+ rooms with a community of 70+ housemates.

By 2019, I was hosting The HMO Experience Property Podcast, and PPN St Pancras. I also mentored 25 property mastermind clients and helped them build their property management businesses.

Due to the impact COVID had on co-living, the property management business had to close in 2021.


Toward the end of 2021, started The Growth Coach to help cleaning and home service business entrepreneurs increase productivity and boost performance to help take their businesses to the next level.

At the beginning of 2022, I started creating content on my YouTube channel, writing on this blog and my Monday Motivation newsletter.

Later that year I launched The Growth Lab, a sales and business development consultancy for commercial cleaning businesses. I started The Growth Lab newsletter and at the beginning of 2023, The Growth Lab podcast went live.

My aim is to build an online community of cleaning and home service business entrepreneurs who want to grow their business grow and design the lifestyle they want.

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