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Update 22nd February 2023, from Brighton.

Building The Growth Lab

I’m taking a multi-channel approach with LinkedIn and cold email to generate leads and book calls for The Growth Lab.

As a result, I’ve had plenty of discovery calls to find out the lead generation challenges faced by owner-operators and single-person sales teams in the cleaning industry.

The good news is I’m currently in the process of onboarding the first client for The Growth Lab. It’s taken 2 months of trial and error to get here but that’s all been part of the learning curve.

Now comes the real test to see how our Sales Development System works for cleaning businesses.

I launched The Growth Lab podcast in January. I’m trying to maintain a consistent posting schedule and line up interesting guest interviews from people in the cleaning industry, which is harder than you think.

I’m also refining The Growth Lab newsletter to write better, more valuable, and action-orientated content.

The Growth Coach

During the discovery calls for The Growth Lab, I noticed a recurring theme - there are a lot of residential cleaning business owners who want to switch to commercial cleaning.

Having spent 8 years building a commercial cleaning business before selling it, I recognized that there was an opportunity to provide people with support switching from residential to commercial cleaning.

I’m in the early stages of testing a service that helps residential cleaning business owners win their first 5 commercial contracts.

All of this started with a tweet:

Writing + Content

Completely out of the blue, I’ve been asked to contribute as a co-author to an upcoming book titled “Peak Performance: Mindset Tools for Sales”.

I’m very excited to be part of this project as it will force me to up my writing game and continue developing that as a habit.

I want to use the experience to learn and understand what it will be like to write and publish my own book in the not-too-distant future.

I also want to leverage the exposure and connections to start a speaking gig around high performance and lifestyle optimization, which is part of my long-term plans.

First draft manuscript of 2000-2500 word has to be in by the beginning of April so I’ve got some work to do!

I’m still posting regular content on LinkedIn, but my Twitter consistency has dropped off since the start of the year. That is something I’m actively working on now.

Youtube posting has maintained consistency thanks to the launch of the podcast and I’m figuring out how to simplify the process so I can record, repurpose and publish content across multiple channels with limited time and resources.

Very much a work in progress that will pay off in the long run.

Fitness Challenges

Last year I wanted to try my hand at running a marathon and competing in a Spartan Race.

I was inspired after listening to David Goggins You Can’t Hurt Me and Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra.

None of those happened. I wasn’t ready.

In December, I listened to Never Finished. On Repeat.

I decided to make shit happen in 2023.

I wanted to challenge myself physically to build my strength mentally.

As a result, I’ve committed to 7 challenges so far in 2023:

I’ll be running for Winston’s Wish in the Brighton Marathon and you can sponsor me here.

I’ll also compete in Hyrox for MacMillian Cancer, sponsorship details to follow.

Let’s Go!


I’ve fallen off the reading wagon for now.

I spend most of my time listening to audiobooks and podcasts at the moment. They are an easier fit into my schedule at the moment.


My Audible playlist:

My Podcasts playlist:

Hang Out

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  2. The Growth Lab newsletter, where I share actionable tips to grow your cleaning business and podcast episodes.

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