Want to be healthier? Treat your body like a business.


I first heard this term on an episode of High-Performance Podcast featuring entrepreneur Michelle Mone, who launched the lingerie brand Ultimo in 1999.

Her weight ballooned to 17 stone because of the stress of working in her startup. Following a photoshoot with Rachel Hunter, she decided to treat her body like a business and lost over 6 stone in two years.

So, how do you treat your body like a business?

Have a business plan

Whatever goal it is you want to achieve with your health + fitness, create a plan to help you achieve it. Set specific milestones toward achieving those goals.

Carry out due diligence

Spend time researching how you can achieve your goals. What to eat, which supplements to take, where to workout, and the type of training you need to do.

Invest in the right equipment

Spend your money where it counts. Invest in a good mattress. Buy whole foods instead of processed ones. Buy good quality supplements and training gear.

Develop product knowledge

Your body is your product, figure out what works best for you. Do you prefer morning or evening workouts? Does intermittent fasting work for you? Carry out an annual health assessment to better understand your body.

Have performance reviews

Monitor and track your progress so that you can carry out regular reviews to assess what is or isn't working and what needs to change. Do you need more rest, increase exercise intensity or change focus altogether?

Don't be afraid to pivot

If something isn't working or has plateaued with your health + fitness regime, switch things up. Sometimes the smallest changes can have the biggest impact.

Go hard or go home

You wouldn't half-ass the effort in your business, right? The same goes for your health + fitness. Commit and go all in.