How to identify your entrepreneurial strengths


Understanding and developing your strengths is a crucial decision point in every entrepreneur's journey.

The deciding factors that determine how successful you will be as an entrepreneur are:

  1. Quickly and effectively identify your strengths;
  2. Building them into a valuable asset for your business; and
  3. Focusing relentlessly on only doing activities and getting into business ideas where you use your strengths.

By limiting your exposure to doing things that you're not good at, you can focus on using your strengths to drive the growth of your business.

So, what are your entrepreneurial strengths?

How do you identify them?

Start by making a clear distinction between your soft and hard skills. Combined, these make up your strengths as an entrepreneur.

Soft skills are the personal attributes you use to effectively communicate with other people.

Hard skills are specific and learnable skills that can be defined and measured.

I've created the Entrepreneur's Skills Assessment Guide to help you identify your skills and how you can use them to start or grow your business.

The Entrepreneur’s Skill Assessment Guide

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In this Skill Assessment, you’ll learn:

  • The major difference between soft skills and hard skills
  • How to use your unique skills to start a meaningful business
  • How to outsource your weaknesses and focus on your strengths

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    Using the Entrepreneur Skills Assessment Guide will help you to:

    • Determine your soft skills;
    • Identify what comes naturally to you;
    • Pinpoint your strongest soft skills;
    • Determine your hard skills; and
    • Realize your strongest hard skills.

    Knowing what your entrepreneurial strengths are, allows you to use them effectively when building a successful business.