Back for the first time.


I tend to overthink situations like this.

When I start something new, I feel like a rabbit trapped in the headlights with a million and one thoughts going through my head about what I should do next.

Where exactly should I start with this new idea, project, business, or whatever?

So, as always, I take a deep breath and just jump straight in with very little planning to see how it goes.

Time to sink or swim.

To paraphrase Aristotle - you get to learn by doing.

This is the first time I've written a blog post, well kind of. I wrote a few posts for a cleaning business I started about 10 years ago and then, as now, I wasn't sure what I was doing. More on that another time.

That being said, let's begin at the beginning and explain why I have now decided to start a blog.

In no particular order, my reasons are as follows:

Why not? I'll try anything once.

Well, almost anything. How will I know whether or not I can write engaging content and be any good at writing if I don't try?

I've decided to become a content creator.

That's right - I want to create great content that educates and helps people, build an audience, grow a community, and hopefully make some money to live a modest lifestyle of my choosing.

In addition to starting a blog, I've enrolled on Ali Abdaal's Part-Time YouTuber Academy (Cohort 5) to learn the ropes and take this shit seriously. I know it's going to be a long and winding road, but we all have to start somewhere and I've decided to learn from one of the best to accelerate the process.

I've set myself a personal challenge between now and the end of April 2022. Watch this video to find out what it is and hit the subscribe button to follow my journey.

I signed up for a blogging course last year.

The idea then was to start a blog and newsletter called Here to Health for a new fitness brand I was launching - which hasn't quite come to fruition yet.

I only got halfway through the course, called Built to Blog and hosted by Ryan Robinson, and then put the idea on the back burner.

However, this year, I've made a commitment to closing open loops so finishing the course and starting a blog is one loop I'm in the process of closing right now!

I want to leave more than memories for my daughter.

I'm a new dad, and my daughter (less than a month old at the time of writing) has given me purpose, something which I've been lacking in life. This has inspired me.

It's also made me want to spend as much time as possible with my daughter because life is short.

By documenting my journey, and sharing my wins, losses, life lessons, and experiences, I'm building an archive of information in addition to our private memories, for her to refer back to ad infinitum after I've gone, which she can be proud of and learn from (hopefully).

I like learning stuff and helping people.

A couple of years I was reading Build a Storybrand, which applies the hero's journey to business marketing.

At the time I was hosting a podcast and mentoring students as part of a mastermind group, all of which were really enjoyable and rewarding.

I realized that perhaps my calling is to become a guide for others and help them become their best in business, fitness, and life, so I decided to start training as a High-Performance Coach.

Final Thought.

Well, that was alright.

It's taken me about 80 minutes to write my first 650-word blog post.

Just goes to show that if you want to start something, just start.

Hope you stick around to see how the journey unfolds!