How to generate more cleaning leads from your website with these 8 Steps


Generating leads from your website is a common problem for cleaning businesses owners.

I reviewed websites for 100 cleaning businesses and I found that only 67% had a website.

Of that 67%:

  • 37% had a Call To Action on their website (request a quote, book a call)
  • 35% displayed Testimonials on their website
  • 35% had clear Pricing and Service Descriptions for their business
  • 32% had a clear Offer for their target market
  • 22% focused on a specific Niche
  • 0% had a Lead Magnet
Cleaning Leads from Website

Every cleaning business needs a website.

A website increases the credibility of your cleaning business, improves your chances of showing up in Google search results, and ultimately, boosts your chances of generating leads.

That being said, how do you turn the website from a complete flop into a lead-generation machine?

First, you need to be clear about your target market, your niche, and your ideal customer.

The Cleaning Company has nailed this.

Cleaning Leads from Website

Next, you need to design your website using these 8 steps.

Step 1: The Header

The job of the header is to get customers to read the rest of your website. It needs to pass the 2-second test by answering three questions with clear and concise statements:

  1. What does your cleaning business offer?
  2. How will this make your customer's life better?
  3. What is the Call To Action (i.e. “How do I get this?”)

Dazzle does this really well.

Offer = Their office is Eco + Tech Led Office Cleaning

Make Life Better = Workspace wellbeing

CTA = Get A Quote

Cleaning Leads from Website

Step 2: The Value Proposition

In this section, you want to explain the benefits your customer will experience when they buy your cleaning service.

To complete this section, list all of the values your cleaning service offers to customers. Then choose the top 3 or 4 that you feel are most compelling.

Here’s Dazzle’s value proposition.

Cleaning Leads from Website

Step 3: The Guide

Next, you want to position your cleaning business as THE BUSINESS that provides the exact solution your customer is looking for.

Show that you care about your customer’s problem and that your cleaning business knows what it needs to do to solve that problem.

Housekeep provides a great example of this.

Cleaning Leads from Website

Step 4: Pricing Choices or Service Descriptions

In this section, list the pricing options that your cleaning business offers, or show the top 3 cleaning services that you sell.

Scrubs have done this really well.

Cleaning Leads from Website

Step 5: The Plan - How It Works

This section of the website should provide your customer with a simple 3-step process plan that shows how easy it is to do business with your cleaning business.

Each step of the plan should be accompanied by a statement that describes the benefit for the customer.

Housekeep has done this the best.

Cleaning Leads from Website

Step 6: The Explainer

This section of your website should offer a more in-depth explanation of what you offer or handle some common FAQs.

Think about 5 reasons why people WOULD NOT use your cleaning service and add statements that overcome those objections.

Housekeep has handled this in the form of an FAQ.

Cleaning Leads from Website

Step 7: Include Social Proof

Ratings and reviews are often overlooked by cleaning businesses because they underestimate the value of good reviews.

If lots of people value working with your cleaning business, you should let everyone who lands on your website know.

Aim to get customers to review you on Google as it helps with your local SEO ranking and local search marketing. Then include those reviews on your website.

Dazzle has done this the best.

Cleaning Leads from Website

Step 8: Capture an email address

You want to create a lead generator for your business, something that captures an email address. Creating a free guide or writing a newsletter can work.

The lead generator needs to communicate the value a customer will get from the lead generator you’re advertising.

The Cleaning Company are one of a handful of cleaning businesses I've found with a lead generator.

Cleaning Leads from Website

With these 8 steps you can start turning your website into a lead generation machine:

  1. Clear Header
  2. A Value Proposition
  3. The Guide
  4. Pricing Choices + Service Descriptions
  5. How It Works
  6. The Explainer
  7. Social Proof
  8. Capture Email

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