The 5 best podcasts for developing high-performance habits.

The 5 best podcasts for developing high-performance habits.


We are all capable of living a high-performance life.

Two key habits in my journey to living a high-performance life are:

  1. Investing in lifelong learning; and
  2. Continuously applying the lessons I learn that challenge and expand my capabilities.

Podcasts have played a central role in my learning experience for the last 5 years in my quest to live a happier, healthier, and more successful life.

Here are the 5 best podcasts I've listened to for developing high-performance habits that you can implement in your life:

The Daily Stoic

Hosted by best-selling author Ryan Holiday, this podcast features daily 2-3 minute Stoic-inspired meditations designed to help you live your best life.  Wednesday and Saturday episodes also feature long-form interviews with guests practicing, teaching, and learning Stoic philosophy.

The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim "the world's best human guinea pig" Ferriss, deconstructs world-class performers from business leaders and investors to public figures and scientists in order to find the tools, tactics and tricks that you can apply to optimise your life.

The Knowledge Project Podcast

Hosted by Shane Parrish, a former intelligence agent, this podcast aims to unlock your potential by interviewing world-class thinkers and doers that share the strategies and tools you can use to better analyze problems, seize opportunities, and master decision-making.

the drive with Peter Attia

Dr Peter Attia MD interviews experts in health, performance, longevity, critical thinking, and pursuing excellence to share their insights and help you live longer, be healthier and optimise your performance.

The High-Performance Podcast

Jake Humphrey (BT Sport + BBC Formula 1) and Professor Damian Hughes interview high-achieving, world-class performers in business and sport to find out the non-negotiable behaviors that have taken them to the top of their field and how they continue to love a high-performance life.