Why cleaning business owners are missing out on leads to grow their business


I’ve looked at 600+ LinkedIn profiles for cleaning business owners.

One thing is certain.

95% of them are missing out on business.

It doesn’t matter what type of cleaning service you offer, there are customers waiting for you on LinkedIn.

BUT - before you jump on the platform and start connecting with any vaguely suitable profile to offer your services, here are some basics you need to organise first.

  1. Define your Market

Know what market you are serving and who your ideal customer is.

The right market for your cleaning business should have customers that:

  • Are in need of your cleaning service;
  • Have the purchasing power to buy your cleaning service; and
  • Are easy to target online.

If these three criteria are strong and your chosen market isn’t shrinking, you’ve found a good market.

Next, spend time creating your ideal customer avatar.

The better you understand your ideal customer, the easier it will be to find the right LinkedIn profiles to connect with.

I’ve created an ideal customer avatar template to help get you started.

2. Set your LinkedIn profile up for lead generation

Use Justin Welsh’s LinkedIn Profile Funnel to guide you.

Justin Welsh LinkedIn Profile Funnel

3. Create content related to your market + cleaning service

There are two keys to this step:

  • Posting valuable + engaging content for your ideal customer; and
  • Consistency

For a useful breakdown of how to create the right content for your LinkedIn profile, read Justin’s free guide.

  1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile for conversions

This requires:

  • Branded banner. The first piece of real estate that people see is related to your profile. Make it count by answering → Does this person have anything to offer me?
  • Clear headshot. The first introduction to you as a human being helps determine if you’re trustworthy.
  • Solution statement. This tells people what you do → “I help X achieve Y with Z”. The solution statement on my profile is “Helping commercial cleaning businesses generate more leads with systems that consistently increase revenue and growth.”
  • Relevant Hashtags. They should align with what prospects expect to see → Mine are #leadgeneration #growth, #commercialcleaning, and #cleaningbusiness

I'll use my profile as an example:

  1. Set up your Features section

This is the Call to Action on your LinkedIn profile.

If prospects are interested enough in your profile to scroll down, you want to capture contact details, especially email addresses.

Give away something of value for free or arrange a free quote, site visit, or consultation.

My features section has a £10k revenue boost call for cleaning businesses and a sign-up to The Growth Lab newsletter. Both are free.

6. Write an engaging About section

This is all about your backstory, who you serve, and how you help them.

Your about section should be crisp and cohesive.

It should provide further proof of your business’ competency and the cleaning service that you provide to your ideal customer.

Here’s mine - https://linkedin.com/in/iammattharris

I'm growing my network on LinkedIn so make sure you send me a connection request.

Now you’re one step closer to using LinkedIn to generate leads for your cleaning business.

I use LinkedIn to generate leads for The Growth Lab. In the last two weeks, I’ve booked 8 prospecting calls, 5 podcast guests and spoken with 3 collaboration partners.

Imagine what your LinkedIn profile can do for your cleaning business.