“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.”


Discipline, practiced every day, is the key to becoming the best version of yourself. Practicing discipline develops a mindset and ability to get shit done, no matter what.

Peak Performance: Mindset Tools for Sales

Earlier this year is was asked to take part in a book project with Erik Seversen.

His goal was to bring together 24 experts from around the world to create a toolkit for performance in sales.

We started the project in February and 8 months later we’re proud to publish the result: Peak Performance: Mindset Tools for Sales.

The book launched on Monday (30th October) and during the launch it’s available for $0.99 on Amazon. Grab your copy here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CLJ7855Z

My contribution is a chapter on discipline.

Discipline has played a central role in my life.

It’s helped me launch businesses and navigate the rollercoaster ride of being an entrepreneur.

To achieve your goals, you need discipline.

Why you need discipline

Discipline, practiced every day, is the key to becoming the best version of yourself.

Discipline drives you to take the necessary action for personal growth and success.

In life and business, you need discipline to perform at a high level.

Practicing discipline develops a mindset and ability to get shit done, no matter what.

It’s an internal force that drives you to take action and be better.

Discipline allows you to work in a routine way and build healthy & productive habits.

In Discipline Equals Freedom, Jocko Willink outlines four reason why you need discipline:

  • Discipline makes you the master of yourself. Discipline helps you take control over your thoughts and actions. You overcome bad habits and carry out daily actions that lead to your long term goals.
  • Discipline makes you healthier. By taking control of your actions, you have the power to resist unhealthy temptations. Instead, you develop and maintain habits that keep you healthy.
  • Discipline helps you realise your full potential. It makes you take control of life, develop good habits and become the best version of yourself.
  • Discipline makes you happier. You achieve happiness by earning it. Every day. By committing to bettering yourself, you find happiness along the way.

How to develop discipline

First, you need to find a reason why you want to improve.

Who are the people and what are the goals that drive you?

Identify your motivation for establishing discipline.

Why do you want to make a change?

Once you have a drive, you need to decide how you’re going to change.

Setting a long term goal helps. It needs to be clear, measurable and challenging.

Set yourself a deadline for achieving the goal to inspire a sense or urgency.

Keep that goal in daily focus. Don’t lose sight of what you want to achieve.

Break that goal down into small steps and take action to complete those steps every day. Generate momentum.

Momentum builds the discipline required to reach your goal.

Discipline is destiny

Discipline is a skill you can master.

It provides you with positive constraints necessary to achieve your goal.

But you need to be willing to put the work in.

Goals are important. They direct action and provide deadlines.

Goals motivate you and provide you with milestones, a way to keep score.

Discipline is different.

Discipline requires taking action every day.

It’s the driver that makes you do the hard things necessary to reach your goals.

To achieve things in life, you need discipline.

Discipline is destiny.

Peak Performance: Mindset Tools for Sales is available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CLJ7855Z