How to schedule your work to be as productive as possible


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Our bodies function according to our own unique biological clock.

Understanding this clock helps you determine:

  • When you're most productive;
  • When to work out; and
  • The best time to eat and drink

It all comes down to learning your Chronotype.

What is Chronotype?

A chronotype is your body’s natural disposition to be awake or asleep at certain times.

It’s closely related to your body’s circadian rhythm (which controls the body’s sleep-wake cycle and melatonin production), and is only influenced by genetics.

Why is it important?

We all operate differently, from different biological to different preferences, and productivity styles.

It’s important to work with your chronotype instead of against it if you want to be rested and as productive as possible.

There are 4 different chronotypes that indicate your schedule:

Bears: The most common type of chronotype, Bears need eight hours of sleep between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

They are most productive in the morning before having an afternoon slump around 2–4 pm.

Wolves: Wolves go to bed at midnight and wake up between 7-9am.

They are most productive at night and have two bursts of creative energy around noon and 6 p.m.

Lions: Lions are early risers and their energy levels peak before noon, before slumping in the afternoon.

Lions need an evening routine to decompress from the day and call it a night by 10pm.

Dolphins: Dolphins have sporadic sleeping habits and sleep from midnight to 6am.

They have trouble waking up in the morning, but once they get going, their productivity reaches its peak around mid-morning.

How to find your Chronotype

You can find out your chronotype and its idiosyncrasies by taking this quiz.

Once you've determined your chronotype, you will know when you're most active during the day, so you can schedule work, exercise, and eating around your most effective windows.

Enjoy your weekly dose of marginal gains!

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