If only I knew THIS about using Social Media for my Cleaning Business 5 Years Ago


Hey, it’s Matt.

Is your cleaning business one of the 90% of business that uses social media as a marketing tool?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube are powerful platforms for your to promote your cleaning business.

If you want to get results from marketing your cleaning business on these platforms, you need to understand what marker you’re serving and who your ideal customer is.

The right market has 4 elements:

  1. Customers in Pain
  2. Customers with Purchasing Power
  3. Customers that are Easy to Target
  4. It’s Growing (or at least not shrinking)

Having an ideal customer avatar helps you better understand your ideal customer to create compelling service offers for them.

It also helps you find which social media platforms they use the most so you can market your cleaning services to them.

You’ll also have a better idea of the content you need to create, which they will engage with.

Using Facebook to grow your  cleaning business

Facebook is best used to grow a residential cleaning business.

By using your ideal customer avatar, you can search for suitable Facebook groups where your ideal customers hang out.

For example, your ideal customer avatar may be:

  • Busy mothers with kids that play sports
  • Who lives in the suburbs; and
  • Own homes over 3000 square feet.

A Facebook group for stay-at-home mothers could be one where your ideal customer hangs out.

There are thousands of Facebook groups. To find those suitable for your residential cleaning business, search from some of your ideal customer avatar characteristics and see what comes up.

Using Instagram to grow your cleaning company

Instagram also works better for growing residential cleaning businesses.

As Instagram is a visual platform, you can use that to your advantage. Posting before and after pictures of your cleaning jobs will show the quality of your work. You can also post videos of your team in action, cleaning tips, and inspirational quotes that resonate with your audience.

Including calls to action in your posts or the descriptions will drive traffic to your website where people can contact you for a quote or book a site visit.

Use hashtags for your cleaning niche when you post. There’s a chance that the people who follow those hashtags are your ideal customers. Every time you post content that includes the hashtag(s) they are following you show up in their feed. This increases the chances of engagement and them contacting you when they need a cleaning service.

Some of the most popular cleaning hashtags to use are #housecleaning, #cleaningservice, #cleaningday, #cleaningtips, and #cleaningservices.

Using LinkedIn to grow your  cleaning business

As a B2B platform, LinkedIn is an effective place to grow your commercial cleaning business.

Use your ideal customer avatar and the search function on LinkedIn to connect with commercial cleaning clients.

For example, your ideal customer avatar might be:

  • Facilities managers;
  • Working for businesses that manage multiple buildings; and
  • With building sizes of at least 50,00 square feet in your local area.

LinkedIn’s basic search function will help you target facilities managers.

Social Media for Cleaning Business

To do this:

  1. In their search feature, you can simply type in “facilities manager”
  2. Select people
  3. Click on all filters
  4. Type in the location as the area you want to service
  5. Select 2nd connections

Research the companies where the contacts are currently working. If they meet the rest of your ideal customer avatar criteria (manage multiple buildings at least 50,000 square feet in size), click on connect. Make sure you add a personal note to your connection request.

After you have connected, these facilities managers will start seeing your posts and engage with content that interests them. This creates prospecting opportunities for you to message them and start conversations.

Once you’re connected, you can send cold outreach messages to generate leads for your cleaning business.

If you want to supercharge your LinkedIn lead generation, you can sign up for LinkedIn Sales Navigator. It allows you to carry out more detailed searches, provide lead recommendations, and engage with the right prospects for your cleaning business.

Using Twitter to grow your cleaning business

Twitter is one of the most underutilised platforms for cleaning businesses.

Engaging on Twitter is an essential part of winning on the platform. Conversations move fast and you’re able to communicate with people in real-time which is great for getting feedback, answering questions, and handling customer service issues.

Although it takes time to build a following on Twitter, there are many opportunities for people to see your content.

Two of the most powerful tools that Twitter has are its search function and the ability to create lists.

Twitter search allows you to search keywords that your customer avatar uses so you can contribute to ongoing conversations and provide value.

You can also build personalized lists of ideal customers on Twitter. After connecting with them on LinkedIn, you can find their Twitter profile, add them to your list and learn more about their interests and engage with them online.

Leading with value first is key on Twitter. By doing this, people will be attracted to your cleaning business and you can generate quality traffic and leads.

Using YouTube to grow your cleaning business

YouTube and video marketing can be a powerful marketing strategy for your cleaning business.

YouTube content can work to grow your cleaning business 24/7. You can create longer-form video content with cleaning tips or create a vlog about the day-to-day workings of your cleaning business.

A good example of this is JCD Cleaning.

Social Media for Cleaning Business

Chris Guilfoyle, director of JCD publishes weekly videos documenting things that are happening within the business.

Taking this approach generates exposure for your cleaning business.

The added bonus is that once your channel gets monetized, you’ll be getting paid to promote your cleaning business with YouTube videos. You can funnel that ad revenue back into your cleaning business to generate even more traffic, leads, and sales.

Using social media for your cleaning business is essential for engaging with customers and potential customers.

The right social media strategy on the right platform can increase the exposure of your business, drive more leads and increase sales.

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