The ABC Goal System


Next time you set a goal, use Sahil Bloom’s ABC Goal system.

Instead of setting ‘the’ goal, set an A Goal, a B Goal and a C Goal:

  • A Goal: Your most aggressive, best-case goal. This is a stretch goal. It’s the most ambitious, perfect-case version of your goal.
  • B Goal: Your realistic, base case goal. The middle ground.
  • C Goal: The minimum viable level of your goal.

You hit your A Goals when you feel great and in the zone.

You hit your B Goals on days when you feel ok (spoiler alert: you spend most of your time hitting B Goals).

C Goals are for days when you feel shit but keep making progress.

Most people (me included), only set A goals. When you struggle to achieve them, you fall off track.

Having B and C goals allows you to shift focus, stay on course, and keep making progress.

The ABC Goal system stops optimal progress (A Goal) from getting in the way of beneficial progress (C Goal). It gives you the flexibility to continue building momentum when life gets in the way.

The system also removes any guilt. You keep the ball rolling as long as you’re hitting your C Goal.

“Small things become big things. Anything above zero compounds.”
- Sahil Bloom

What area of your life can you start using the ABC Goal system in? Think of one where you’re struggling with motivation or discipline.

One goal I’m currently using the system on is reading 100+ books a year. Over the last couple of years, I’ve fallen out of my reading habit.

Reading 100+ books is a stretch goal I know is achievable because I’ve done it before. In this case, my ABC Goals are:

  • A Goal: Reading 100+ books
  • B Goal: Reading 50 books
  • C Goal: Reading 25 books

Going one step further, I’ve broken my annual goal into weekly ABC Goals as well:

  • A Goal: Reading at least 2 books a week
  • B Goal: Reading 1 book a week
  • C Goal: Reading 1 book every 2 week

Bloom created this Google Sheet to populate and track your performance. Make a copy and use it if you find it helpful.

At its core, the ABC Goal System helps you maintain momentum. It keeps you moving forward and stops you from giving up on a goal when the best outcome isn't guaranteed.