The Rule of 3: The Art of Setting Goals and Making Progress


What do you want to focus on today?

Set three daily goals.

Daily goals force you to plan and assess yourself, “What actually is important to me?”

Don’t start the day by just doing the things in front of you.

Expand that out into three weekly goals, three monthly goals and three quarterly goals.

When you set goals, set aggressive goals.

Think things through and focus on what’s important.

By finishing your three most important tasks today, you can make a lot of progress on daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

Review your weekly goals at the end of every week. How did they go? Then set your goals and priorities for the following week

Take achieving your goals seriously. It’s ok not to hit them.

If you didn’t meet your goal, what are you doing to fix it?

Hold yourself accountable.

Don’t wallow. Instead, ask yourself, “What can I learn from this? How do I get better?”

Three is an important number. We have a massive to do list of things that never get done.

Focusing on a few things and making those the priority makes a big difference to your progress.

Cultivate a mindset that focuses on what’s important.

Set clear goals and move towards them every day.


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